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Modern Dental Center was first established in 1991 as a partnership among three graduates of the University of Maryland Dental School. Our original location was at the corner of York and Timonium Roads. As it transitioned to a true 'family' practice, the doctors Naraval relocated to the 9690 Building on Deereco Road, in the heart of Timonium. This location would provide our patients with a more appropriate environment to practice the art and science of Dentistry.

With over 40 years of combined experience, the Naravals are able to offer a full service office where we can address all of your oral health care needs. We are well versed in a multitude of restorative procedures including mercury-free fillings, cosmetic crown and bridgework, veneers, tooth extractions, dentures, and root canals. We also offer 'Invisalign' Orthodontics, 'Zoom' Teeth Whitening, 'Visilite' Oral cancer screenings. A growing part of our practice is the restoration of Dental Implants.

Our highly trained dental hygienists are able to perform comprehensive periodontal therapy. This could involve routine prophylaxis, deep scaling and root planning and/or the utilization of cutting edge bacterial culture techniques to address your periodontal problems. Whether your treatment needs are simple or more complex, we will develop a program tailored to the individual. This is important since there is now a definitive correlation between the health of the body and the health of the oral cavity.

Our front office is a talented group that can help you wade through the difficulties involved with insurances. They are poised to answer all of your questions and are eager to schedule appointments to suit your needs! Truly they are the nerve center of the office.

We have a full arsenal of specialists at our disposal to help with some of the more complex issues we face in dentistry. It is important to address each person's needs. It is often a matter of collaborating with our colleagues to achieve the best treatment possible for that person.


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